“Tap into your potential and overcome any obstacle standing between you and what you truly desire.”

-Charnika P. Elliott


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Silence of the Womb:

From Pain to a Promise

In this book, I uncover my personal scars of devastation, pain, loss of hope, depression and thoughts of suicide. Not only do I unveil the darkness associated with my grief but I enlighten you on the measure of faith, adapted hope and strength in God’s Word that pushed me back into the light of Christ. Silence of the Womb shares a personal story of demonstrating a “Faith That Won’t Quit” in what appeared to be a losing battle. The chapters in this book will take you through an emotional journey while displaying the infinite power of God. You will be inspired and empowered; you will be encouraged and uplifted; you will be enlightened and strengthened. Most importantly you will be provided biblical strategies on how to shift your pain to a promise.

About Charnika P. Elliott

I specialize in building confidence and hope while also helping people heal. God has anointed and gifted me to position individuals for purpose. Changing lives is my passion and my mission.

If you are seeking a life change, naturally and/or spiritually, contact me and I will guide you through a season of transformation. Remember, you are your biggest investment!


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Charnika is definitely someone who electrifies and edifies the world when she opens her mouth to speak! She is super charged and so real about her walk with God! It is truly an ignited experience to hear her speak.
Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills Founder of The Money Makers Club
Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills

Founder, The Money Makers Club

Charnika has been a mentor, motivator and close confidant. I love having her speak at conferences because she inspires, encourages growth and brings a raw genuineness that moves people to make positive changes. Discovering more of who people are is what Charnika specializes in.
JoJo Friday

Founder, Sisters of Change

I met Charnika by chance. One afternoon, I looked out my office window and saw a professionally dressed lady with a group of young kids following her to the bank. I thought, “Wow”, what a difference she must be making in the lives of those kids taking them to the bank and showing them what happens in a bank and out here in the real world. She then came to my building to take a photo with a butterfly mural I had painted on the side of my building for community selfies so I decided to go say hello and introduce myself. In a matter of a few minutes, I learned and heard Charnika’s testimony with what she had been through and what she had created as a result. I was super moved by her choice to follow the Lord, the Spirit, and make the choice to become a difference and be a light for others as a result of her tragedy rather than becoming a bitter victim. I began following her on social media as I am a kindred spirit and have done the same in my life, family, and business. I registered and attended her Crown Workshop and heard her speak. She was moving, inspiring, and a very well-spoken, powerful, leader on the stage. I am excited to watch her continue to evolve into what the Lord has placed at her feet.
Christy Crouch

Founder, The Crouch Team, RE/MAX All Points