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Charnika P. Elliott, M.Ed.

Wife . Mother . Educator . Entrepreneur . Mentor

Silence of the Womb


In this book, I uncover my personal scars of devastation, pain, loss of hope, depression and thoughts of suicide. Not only do I unveil the darkness associated with my grief but I enlighten you on the measure of faith, adapted hope and strength in God’s Word that pushed me back into the light of Christ. Silence of the Womb shares a personal story of demonstrating a “Faith That Won’t Quit” in what appeared to be a losing battle. The chapters in this book will take you through an emotional journey while displaying the infinite power of God. You will be inspired and empowered; you will be encouraged and uplifted; you will be enlightened and strengthened. Most importantly you will be provided biblical strategies on how to shift your pain to a promise.

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